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Thomas White International Wins BNY Jaywalk Independent Research Provider Performance Award

CHICAGO April 3, 2009– Thomas White International is pleased to announce it has received BNY Jaywalk’s Independent Research Provider Performance Award for Best Timing on Troubled Financials. This category focuses on the financial stocks which encountered existential difficulty in 2008. The award recognized the top two IRPs who were most consistently bearish on this subset of companies.

Launched this year by BNY Convergex, the award program seeks to recognize Jaywalk’s Independent Research Providers (IRPs) for their exceptional research recommendations. Performance statistics were calculated by Abacus Analytics using data from the market peak in October 2007 through the end of February 2009. Abacus’ metrics focus on the degree to which an IRP’s equal-weighted portfolio of Buy/Positive ratings outperforms his equal-weighted portfolio of Sell/Negative ratings.


Founded in 1992 by former Morgan Stanley Asset Management managing director, Thomas S. White Jr., THOMAS WHITE INTERNATIONAL is a research-driven investment manager and independent research provider. The firm seeks to deliver superior performance by identifying undervalued securities in the U.S. and nearly 50 other markets around the globe. The organization’s investment decisions rely solely on proprietary analysis using industry-based stock selection methods that have been carefully refined and tested over several decades. Thomas White’s unique analytical approach limits overall portfolio volatility and downside risk while delivering strong long-term investment returns.

Thomas White International’s research approach combines the subjective rules of traditional securities analysis with a quantitative approach. To help determine a company’s fair value, Thomas White compares the stock to its industry peers within the context of one of 68 tailor-made valuation frameworks developed over the firm’s 30-year history.

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