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Emerging Markets Newsletter: India
April 2011
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Spotlight on China

Retail Sector in China: The Next Big Thing?

Retail Sector in China: The Next Big Thing?

China Toll Roads: Speeding Up Growth

Toll Roads in China: Speeding Up Growth
Banking Sector in India: Counting on Credit Growth Banking Sector in India: Counting on Credit Growth

India’s banking industry is considered to be very stable with healthy balance sheets and low exposure to risky assets. The global financial crisis did not affect the Indian banks significantly.

Emerging Leaders:
Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar

What has his rise meant to India’s evolution into a more mature democracy?

Automobile Sector in India: Zooming Ahead Automobile Sector in India: Zooming Ahead

India is emerging as a major production base for small cars, with output expected to reach 3 million units by 2016. The country is building a reputation in designing and manufacturing low cost cars.

Emerging Asia Pacific Economic Review:

Emerging Asia Pacific economies are facing inflationary pressures arising from soaring oil prices, rising raw material costs, and increasing wages. Central banks in these economies are focusing all their energies on controlling inflation. The actions of the central banks, however, have resulted in businesses complaining about rising cost of capital.

A Postcard from India:

Aerospace and Defense Ties with the U.S. Take Wing

The United States has gradually become one of the biggest defense suppliers to India as the two countries have built a close relationship in recent times. Just over the last couple of years, India has ordered American military equipment worth nearly $ 10 billion.

India-US Defense relationship on the rise
Green Report:

Green India Mission

India, which had lagged its peers in developing its forest resources in the last few decades, is playing catch up with an ambitious project named Green India Mission. The big-ticket project aims to plant trees on nearly 25 million acres through 2020

Green India Mission: Let a million acres of forest bloom