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Gabe McNerney

Gabe McNerney, CFA

Director of Marketing and
Client Service

Investing with Us

The table below provides an overview of the Thomas White basket of investment products and the vehicles by which they are available.

Product How Available Where Available
International Equity Mutual Fund Fidelity, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, E*trade, US Bancorp, Pershing, UBS Financial Services, R.W. Baird, Raymond James, Merrill Lynch
Emerging Markets Mutual Fund Fidelity, US Bancorp, Schwab, Pershing, TD Ameritrade, UBS Financial Services, R.W. Baird, Raymond James
Domestic Large-Cap Separately Managed Account Envestnet
Domestic Large-Cap Wrap Account Envestnet
Domestic Mid-Cap Mutual Fund Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, E*trade, US Bancorp
Domestic Mid-Cap Separately Managed Account Directly through Thomas White
International ADR Separately Managed Account R.W. Baird, Raymond James, UBS Financial Services, KeyBank, Envestnet, LPL Financial, Prudential, Fidelity, Pershing, Schwab, Wells Fargo Advisors
International ADR Wrap Account Morgan Keegan, R.W. Baird, KeyBank, UBS, Envestnet, LPL, Raymond James
Emerging Markets ADR Separately Managed Account UBS Financial Services

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