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Gabe McNerney

Gabe McNerney, CFA

Director of Marketing and
Client Service

Investment Philosophy

  • We use Proprietary Research: At Thomas White, we value international stocks within distinct valuation groups based on region, industry, sector, or country, which provide us with an extensive range of investment opportunities.
  • Our investment process differs from the crowd: Our approach to valuing common stocks combines the execution of thorough historical studies, with the application of in-depth fundamental securities analysis. Valuing global stocks in nearly 50 countries, this industry-based stock selection process employs tailor-made valuation frameworks refined and tested over the 40-year history of the Thomas White organization and its predecessors.
  • Our veteran analysts on average have more than seventeen years of experience working together as a team: Our research and analysis is generated by our professionals, both in Chicago and in our Asia office in Bangalore, India, most of whom have spent their entire careers at Thomas White.
  • Our investment approach seeks to benefit from buying undervalued stocks and selling them when they return to fair value: Our analysts find that investors tend to overvalue a company against its industry peers when the intermediate business environment is favorable, producing strong earnings growth and then undervalue a company when the environment depresses its business outlook. This pattern is a reflection of human behavior — it occurs in every industry and country around the world. It is this phenomenon that explains a stock’s wide price swings above and below its intrinsic value as a business.


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