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Gabe McNerney

Gabe McNerney, CFA

Director of Marketing and
Client Service

Investment Process

Research Redefined℠:
The Heart of our Firm
  • Thomas White offers a differentiated approach to global investing, a hybrid process that is 70% quantitative and 30% qualitative.
  • Blending the best of both worlds, this method identifies out-of-favor investment opportunities, while attempting to mitigate risk through meticulous stock selection and experienced decision making by a senior investment committee.
  • Valuing nearly 3,000 global stocks in close to fifty countries worldwide, our industry-based stock selection process employs tailor-made valuation frameworks, refined and tested over the 40-year history of the Thomas White organization and its predecessors.
  • The breadth of our research allows us to spot opportunities in relatively less known regions, while the depth of our process seeks to reduce risk through detailed evaluation
    of the regulatory environment, industry competition, and management quality.
  • These independent portfolio decisions roll up at the final portfolio level, compounding the winning percentage without taking the explicit style or higher tracking error associated with other peer approaches.

Bottom-up Portfolio Construction Process

Investment Process Pyramid

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