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Chicago, Illinois, United States, September 8, 2008 – (Press Release) – Thomas White International, Ltd Launches New Concept Website

Thomas White International, Ltd, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, announced the launch of its newly designed website, ( The goal of the site is to provide investors with a source to expand their understanding of global investing, and the positive effects globalization is having on countries, industries and businesses around the world. Reports will chronicle observations from Thomas White research professionals in America and Asia who actively monitor business conditions and markets in fifty countries.

The firm’s founder and CEO, Thomas S. White Jr. commented, “We believe that once U.S. investors understand globalization, they will see the advantages of international equities in their portfolios. It only makes common sense that investors search the globe for the most attractive opportunities.”

The new site should be particularly helpful to long-term investors and the advisors who manage their investments. The objective is to provide the knowledge and resources prudent investors need to make sound decisions in this new global environment.

Investors will have ready access to fifty country reports, as well as monthly economic reviews of capital markets in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East/Africa regions. Global Focus Special Reports will offer an analysis of critical and relevant issues that affect our increasingly globalized world today. On the lighter side, the site offers weekly “postcards”, a collection of interesting vignettes from around the globe. The content is also available free on the site through email subscriptions.

About Thomas White International

Founded in 1992 by former Morgan Stanley Asset Management Managing Director, Thomas S. White Jr., the firm is a research-driven investment manager that seeks superior performance by searching for undervalued stocks in some fifty markets around the world. Thomas White analysts in the U.S. and Asia monitor over 5000 global equities. The company’s investment style has been heavily influenced by Sir John Templeton, who began a close working relationship with Mr. White in 1976.


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